AG I f (Abk. für 1. und 2. Aktiengesellschaft, 3. Arbeitsgemeinschaft) 1. GEN (BE) public company, (AE) public corporation; 2. RECHT (BE) public limited company, (BE) plc, (BE) PLC; (AE) Corporation, Corp., (AE) stock corporation; 3. GEN study group, work group AG II m (Abk. für Arbeitgeber) GEN employer AG III n (Abk. für Amtsgericht) RECHT German local court
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abbr (Aktiengesellschaft) <Geschäft> Inc. (Incorporated AE) , plc (public limited company BE) , PLC (public limited company BE) joint-stock company, stock corporation, public corporation, corporation (AE)

Business german-english dictionary. 2013.


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